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What are the applications of powder metallurgy in the automotive field

Release time:2021-12-01         Source:Changshu Xunda Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.
       Powder metallurgy is a process technology for preparing metal or using metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and non-metal powder) as a raw material, forming and sintering, manufacturing metal materials, composites and various types of products.

       Powder metallurgy is a manufacturing technology for mechanical structural parts that can manufacture complex-shaped parts, save materials, save energy, and save labor, and is very suitable for mass production. Therefore, in the United States and Japan, the development of powder metallurgy structural parts for automobiles and the automobile industry are synchronized. According to reports, there are more than 1,000 types of powder metallurgy parts used in automobiles.
Car parts
       The soft and hard magnetic components used in the horns, radios, micro-TVs, VCRs, instruments and meters in automobiles, brushes used in automobile starters and generators, platinum contacts in distributors, and installed in automobile tires Studs, exhaust valve seats of unleaded gasoline engines, sintered metal oil filters in diesel engines, friction materials for heavy-duty truck brakes, DU and DX bearings and bimetallic bearings widely used in automobiles, as well as in automobile manufacturing The widely used cemented carbide tools, measuring tools and molds, etc., these products or materials can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy technology.

       This shows that without these powder metallurgy products and materials, it is self-evident what the automobile industry looks like today. At the same time, powder metallurgy is a metal forming technology, which is a high-tech technology for making mechanical parts and metal products through processing, pressing, sintering, and necessary subsequent processing of metals and other powders.

    · Because of its many advantages such as energy saving, material saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, etc., it has been widely used and has great market potential and development prospects. In recent years, the powder metallurgy industry has developed rapidly, especially the development of power tools, machinery, automobiles, chemicals, light industry, geological exploration, transportation and other fields, which have brought better development opportunities and huge market space for the powder metallurgy industry. . At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the technical level of the industry.