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How about the powder metallurgy process and how tough is it?

Release time:2021-12-01         Source:Changshu Xunda Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.
Many people say that the powder metallurgy process is particularly good, and the various properties of the powder metallurgy products produced are relatively good. In terms of toughness, not all powder metallurgy processes are good, so the most important thing is to look at the production process. Which powder metallurgy process is used specifically?
As far as the general powder metallurgy process is concerned, since there are still many loopholes in the process, neither the toughness nor the hardness is ideal. But it can also be improved in some ways, such as dipping, hot pressing or liquid phase sintering, etc., and the results are good. However, if very fine powder is used and combined with the hot isostatic pressing process, the cavities on the surface of the powder metallurgy workpiece can be basically fused, and the material density is close to the theoretical limit, which significantly improves the toughness.
Powder metallurgy process
Not only that, the dispersion strengthening particles will also be densely distributed inside the material to an extremely uniform degree, thereby effectively avoiding the occurrence of various defects in the conventional process. In addition to toughness, everyone is more concerned about the hardness of the product. In fact, it has nothing to do with the powder metallurgy process, and it mainly depends on the material selected.