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What factors affect the performance of powder metallurgy products

Release time:2021-12-01         Source:Changshu Xunda Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.
       Many products are produced through powder metallurgy technology, so the performance of powder metallurgy products will not only be affected by the process, but also limited by the raw material powder. The property related to powder in powder metallurgy is its particle size and shape, so both aspects must be strictly controlled. What should be done specifically?

       In practical applications, the particle size of the powder can be from a few hundred nanometers to a few It is between hundreds of microns, and the smaller the particle size, the greater its activity, and the more easily the surface of the product is oxidized and absorbs water. Moreover, the storage and transportation of powder with too small particle size is also a difficult point, so we must pay attention to it.
       There are various shapes of powder, which are mainly determined by the production method, including dendritic, sponge flake, spherical powder, egg, disc, needle, onion head, etc. Moreover, different shapes also have an impact on the properties of the powder itself, and the selection should be based on the actual situation.